My heart it's like an open high way

vineri, 28 octombrie 2011

Si n-am un titlu si iar...

Just tell me what they say about writers?
What they actually think?
Cause instead I write something feels like I get emotionally.
I watch the black birds in the blue-foggy sky and watched into my soul.
I heard the sound of loneliness from time to time and now I hear my heart,cause it;s the first time when it actually beats.
I needed time and everything I planned just flew away.
Is this real?Do I really have to construct a new me? or should I just keep safe the old me and bring it back when hard times will arrive!?
Will hard times change me again?
Cause anytime I talk to myself I make a promise, I just can't believe how easily the promise can be broken.
Cause I thought I knew myself so but it's not so true. I thought I changed so many times and I will have no other change again.
Until I found out that I was actually the changes.It was still me.Trying not to change was absolutely wrong.

Trying not to change ,changed me...but keeping changing is actually the real me.
I am the changes ,I think I could never stop doing it.
How about you?